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Mosquito Control Time

Have you ever touched pond water and watched hundreds of tiny larvae squiggle around in the water? These are mosquitoes-in-waiting, and although harmless at this stage, they quickly turn into flying bloodsuckers.

Watch out. Mosquitos are on the list of the top ten killers globally, with over two million deaths a year! You won’t die from their bite; however, they carry diseases transferred to humans when they bite. In the Northwest, the mosquitoes can carry the West Nile Virus.

It’s mosquito larvae time, starting in April and continuing through the warmer months!

Adding fish to your ponds or other water containers will attract raccoons that will also destroy plants, knock over fountains, and become a regular pest in your garden. Consider arming your water feature with an environmentally friendly Bt doughnut called Mosquito Dunks. This organic control is harmless to everyone — unless you are a ‘squito.

You can buy Mosquito Dunks at your local nursery, garden center, or hardware store. Regularly check the water for signs of the larvae and reapply as necessary. Break the donuts up into tiny pieces for smaller water features, or buy them already broken into Mosquito Bits.

Mosquito Bits

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