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Tulip Excitement, Tulip Disappointment

Flashback 2014

Long ago (last fall) and far away (above my pond outside my window), I had two bags of tulips, one in each hand. The lily-flowering tulips were marked Tulipa ‘Green Star’ and Tulipa ‘Mona Lisa’. In excitement, I dug my holes and planted the bulbs. I envisioned two clumps of tulips springing from the ground in April, adding more color to the exuberant spring show.

Tulipa 'Green Star'
Tulipa ‘Green Star’ and ‘West Point’

They sprang out of the ground as predicted, and both were lovely. One in white with streaks of green, the other bright yellow with streaks of, um, with streaks of; wait, where are the streaks of red? The cheery yellow tulips, supposed to have red markings, looked like Tulipa ‘West Point.’ I found three little wimpy tulips behind them that looked like they could be the ‘Mona Lisa,’ but the bulk of the bulbs didn’t streak as promised.

Tulipa 'West Point'
Tulipa ‘Mona Lisa’ wannabe, but looks more like ‘West Point’.

Still, the tulips looked beautiful, and though I am disappointed in not having a Mona Lisa in my garden, the beautiful tulips helped me past the disappointment. I will live happily ever after.

Tulipa 'West Point'
See the smallish ‘Mona Lisa’ in the background.
Tulipa 'West Point'
Tulipa ‘West Point’
Tulipa 'Green Star'
Tulipa ‘Green Star’

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