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What a Drip!

I intend to get my containers on a drip system with a timer every year. Every year I hand water all season. What is wrong with me?

I look at the products at the hardware store. I’ve watched seminars on how to use them, and I’m sure there are a gazillion and one YouTube videos on setting one up. It looks simple to put together. What is my problem?

I have hanging baskets and small little fun containers. I also have quite large containers with shrubs or trees in them. Some are sitting on the deck one story above the ground or dangling from a tree, while other containers are almost lost somewhere in the forest. So my problem seems to be every time I try to think about setting this up, my head wants to explode thinking about how to put all these pots on a drip system with all the containers scattered about. And won’t all the tubing look like black snakes slithering about every which way? What is wrong with me?

Do I need zones, like small pots on one drip and large ones on another, or add more drips to the big containers? More questions follow, like how many drippers, emitters, sprayers or are they spitters, and whatchamacallits do I need?

By this time, I’ve given up. I hand water my containers almost every day. As I water, I make vows. Don’t plant so many pots. Retire a few. And for Pete’s sake, don’t buy another pretty or unusual pot and plant it!

Every year I break these vows. Help! What is wrong with me?

(Photo is of someone’s successful drip system, placed to catch your eye.)

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