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Container Makeover

For some reason, I am really taken with this container. If you followed my blog over the last year, you know the lady-in-blue pot. I’ve had fun anthropomorphizing her, giving the container a hairdo of plants, specifically baby tears.

She’s in dire need of a new ‘do for spring. As you can see, the winter has left her hair frazzled.

Since she had a more punk look last year, maybe a step back to the era of psychedelia from the 70s could be next. Well then, let’s go bright! I hear it’s the latest trend now.

Faces in the tree
Faces in the tree

A bit of colorant for the hair will brighten her back up. What do you think about some golden sedum such as ‘Angelina’ this year? She’s a tough succulent that can take a bit of shade and hang over the side. There I go anthropomorphizing again.

I loved the baby tears for her last hairdo, and now some contrast to the blue might be an exciting new update for her. We have shade to contend with, so I may end up with chartreuse shades instead of bright yellow.

There’s always a shade-loving Selaginella ‘Aurea’ to play with. But that may end up as a roaring 20s look or perhaps a Beatles mophead from the 60s. Perm perhaps?

Stay tuned!

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