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Staging Your Containers!

Since we are coming up on the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, I was thinking about how inspiring the show is in our lives.

Then I thought about the fantastic container designs that are a large part of the show. The city living displays had some of the best designed and brilliantly staged. The show is a fun way to be inspired. I include images from the show that illustrate my point.

Staging Pots

Here are a few of my tips before you plant that will help you enjoy your container plantings most.

Before you plant:

  • Decide where you want your pot(s).
  • Consider background and surroundings.
  • A significant consideration in container gardening is staging your pots for visual impact. Use that to help determine what you will grow.
Staging Pots

Consider flower and foliage color, height, or architectural interest. Is the pot too small for an expansive space? Group a bunch of containers, or move on to a more intimate space where it will stand out.

Bring in pedestals, furniture, water features, wall coverings that can go outdoors, and anything that will enhance your design.

Don’t forget, let your inner child play out there and think outside the pot!

Staging Pots
Staging Pots
Staging Pots

All images photographed at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival.

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